Simon Bröske
Simon Bröske


welcome to my Air Force collection from some Bases around the world

Swiss Air Force

F/A-18 C/D Hornet & F-5E/F Tiger

The Swiss air force secures the airspace of Switzerland around the clock to ensure the safety of the citizens. The Luftwaffe Patrolls daily from currently 4 airfields: Emmen, Meiringen, Sion, Payerne.

German Air Force

Eurofighter Typhoon & Panavia Tornado IDS ( A-4N Skyhawk Discovery Air)

From the north to the south, the German Luftwaffe has all its eyes. Thus, the German Luftwaffe ensures the protection of all people in Germany

Royal Netherlands Air Force

F-16 A/D/MLU Block 15 M15/5 update & C-130 Hercules

The royal Dutch air force takes over the complete airspace of the netherlands under their protection, as well as parts of the North Sea in cooperation with the German Air Force

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